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    Since 2001, the teachers at Musika have occupied a unique place in music education mentoring students from all walks of life. Dedicated to the highest standard, we here at Musika understand the importance of quality service. Select from our user-friendly teacher profiles or have our knowledgeable office staff assist you. Learn in the comfort of your own home, at a teacher’s studio, or anywhere that is convenient for you. Start your musical journey today!

V i c t o r   W o o t e n   a t   S u m m e r   N A M M   2 0 1 0

  • Este método auxilia muito o baixista  pois aborda  uma  serie de exercícios nos mais variados tipos de compassos.
  • Compassos: 3/4,  3/8,  6/4,  6/8,  12/8,  5/4,  5/8,  7/4,  08/07,  9/8,  11/8.
  • CD inclui 49 faixas demo completo.

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